Fermi 2 simulator upgrade contract

08 March 2012

DTE Energy has signed a contract with L-3 MAPPS for an upgrade of the simulator at unit 2 of its Fermi nuclear power plant in Michigan. In addition, a new simulator for emergency diesel generator operations will be installed at the plant.

Fermi 2 simulator 460x317
The control room simulator at Fermi 2 (Image: L-3 MAPPS)

L-3 performed a comprehensive refurbishment of the Fermi 2 simulator's computers, instructor stations and simulation models in September 2006. Under the new contract - the value of which was not disclosed - the company will update all of the simulation computers to the latest generation, as well as migrating the models and simulator maintenance tools from the previous generation of its software to its newer Orchid simulation environment.

In addition, L-3 will provide DTE Energy with an additional simulator specifically to train staff on emergency diesel generator operations. This simulator will employ virtual panels based on L-3's Orchid Touch Interface solution.

Work on the project will start immediately, with completion due later this year.

Fermi 2 - a 1122 MWe boiling water reactor - started in 1985 and currently holds a licence to operate until 2025. DTE has notified the US Nuclear regulator Commission that it intends to submit an application in 2014 to extend that by 20 years. It will use the intervening time to prepare by evaluating environmental impact as well as plant systems and structures.

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