Licence renewal for Columbia

25 May 2012

The operating licence for Energy Northwest's Columbia Generating Station in Washington state has been extended for a further 20 years by the US nuclear regulator.

Columbia Generating Station (Energy Northwest)_200
Columbia (Image: Energy Northwest)

Energy Northwest - owner and operator of the single-unit Columbia plant - began pursuing licence renewal for the 1170 MWe boiling water reactor in 2007. It officially submitted its application to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) in January 2010.

Following thorough safety and environmental reviews, including onsite inspections, the NRC concluded "there were no safety concerns that would preclude licence renewal and that the applicatant has effectively demonstrated the capability to manage the effects of plant aging."

The plant's licence will now expire in December 2043. Columbia - which generates almost 10% of Washington state's electricity - becomes the 72nd reactor operating licence to be renewed by the NRC.

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