Rolls-Royce technology for AECL

17 May 2012

Rolls-Royce has delivered the final components of a multimillion dollar technology package for use at AECL's Chalk River site.

NRU (AECL)_380
AECL's NRU research reactor returned to full operation on 16 May after its annual inspection and maintenance outage (Image: AECL)

Rolls-Royce said the 'highly-engineered, automated technology' will enable the safe removal and treatment of radioactive fuel and its transportation to a new, modern storage facility at the Chalk River Nuclear Laboratories site in Ontario.

The project was marked with a handover event at Rolls-Royce's ASME-N accredited nuclear manufacturing facility in Peterborough, Ontario presided over by the company's general manager for civil nuclear in Canada, Neil Alexander.

Founded in the 1940s, Chalk River is at the heart of Canadian nuclear research and is also home to the NRU research reactor, a major supplier of medical isotopes. Over the decades, the site has been home to various research reactors. It is also the home of much so-called legacy liabilities - a term used to refer to the outdated facilities and buildings, stored legacy waste and affected lands resulting from over 60 years of nuclear research and development.

Involved in the UK's naval nuclear program since 1959, Rolls-Royce boasts a significant nuclear skills base with a large existing nuclear certified supply chain. The company lists fuel handling, reactor maintenance, re-fuelling processes, non-destructive examination techniques and what it said were "unique decommissioning and waste handling capabilities" amongst its offerings to the nuclear industry.

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