Westinghouse expands Czech cooperation

12 September 2012

Westinghouse has announced a strategic cooperation with Hutní Montáže, one of the Czech Republic's biggest construction and installation companies. The Czech company could perform a significant portion of the work if Westinghouse is awarded a contract for two AP1000 units at Temelin.

Three reactor vendors submitted bids in July to CEZ for the construction of Temelin units 3 and 4. Areva is putting forward its EPR design; an AtomStroyExport consortium's bid is based on Gidropress' MIR-1200 third generation VVER model; and, Westinghouse is proposing its AP1000. The Czech utility expects to select the reactor supplier and sign the construction contract by the end of 2013. The three candidates have all formed partnerships with Czech companies to ensure a high level of localization.

Through the latest partnership for Westinghouse, Hutní Montáže "would be responsible for performing the vast majority of the mechanical installation and corresponding construction testing, including assembly and installation of the containment vessel," should the vendor win the contract. Westinghouse noted, "This potential scope of supply represents a very significant portion of the total plant construction." Hutní Montáže could also provide heavy lifting cranes and rigging to offload, transport on-site and set components into the plant, including modules, the containment vessel and major nuclear steam supply system (NSSS) and balance of plant equipment.

Randy Galm of Westinghouse commented: "Westinghouse adheres to internationally recognized American Society of Mechanical Engineers Codes and Standards. Through this agreement with Westinghouse, Hutní Montáže will additionally benefit by applying these standards globally, beyond the nuclear industry."

Hutní Montáže chairman Miroslav Precechtel said, "Our role within the Westinghouse team if selected would create substantial new capabilities in areas which would expand our range of products and services and gain access to regional nuclear and non-nuclear opportunities."

The agreement with Hutní Montáže is the latest in a series of cooperation deals that Westinghouse has signed with Czech companies. In late January, it signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Metrostav under which the Czech company assisted Westinghouse in developing and submitting its bid to CEZ. The MoU covered key aspects of the construction and project management scope of the project. In December 2011, Westinghouse signed an MoU with Vitkovice for the manufacture of key components for potential new AP1000 units in Czech Republic. That agreement followed an MoU in August 2011 with Czech engineering-supply company I&C Energo to cooperate in instrumentation and control systems for potential new AP1000 units in the country. That agreement also covered the associated testing and start-up services.

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