Happy nuclear families for CGNPC

19 June 2009

A ceremony last month took employee relations to a new level for China Guangdong Nuclear Power Company (CGNPC), when its top executives acted as witnesses for a mass wedding of 199 staff couples.


In what was a first for CGNPC, the Shenzhen 'Family Love' ceremony saw workers from the company's nuclear and wind businesses take oaths recognising their love for each other as well as for the company and the nuclear family of nations.


CGNPC Family Love
The couples form into CGNPC's logo for an aerial photocall

The firm has a great many younger members of staff, with half of its ranks of 15,000 joining in recent years. Over 2000 graduates are to join CGNPC this year.


CGNPC said the 'marriage' of the firm to its workers would create a unique opportunity. The young staff should take root at CGNPC, run their families responsibly and at the same time contribute their wisdom, youthful enthusiasm and passion to driving CGNPC forward in its development of clean energy.


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