Roderick leaves GE-Hitachi for Westinghouse

27 September 2012

Danny Roderick has taken over as president and CEO of Westinghouse, moving straight from the position of senior vice president for nuclear plant projects at rival vendor GE-Hitachi.

The announcement yesterday ended a period of leadership uncertainty for Westinghouse that began in April with the surprise departure of Jim Ferland to Babcock & Wilcox just three days after succeeding Aris Candris as president and CEO. Company chairman Shigenori Shiga took on those responsibilities in the intervening time and has now reverted back to his duties as chairman.

Shiga welcomed Roderick's experience and management style, which he said would complement the expertise and capability already present at Westinghouse. Roderick said he was honoured to be selected and felt excitement about the future. Westinghouse's COO Ric Perez will now work closely with Roderick, said the company.

Both Westinghouse and GE-Hitachi are pioneers of nuclear power, having brought to market the first pressurized water reactors and boiling water reactors respectively. They continue to compete worldwide for reactor orders and contracts in nuclear fuel supply and services. GE-Hitachi reacted to Roderick's departure after service of over three years by wishing him well.

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