More uranium at Carley Bore

25 August 2011

Energia Minerals has announced a 40% uranium resource increase at the Carley Bore deposit, part of the Nyang uranium project in Western Australia.


Drilling spoils from Carley Bore (Image: Energia Minerals)
Drillhole spoils from Carley Bore (Image: Energia Minerals)


The JORC-compliant resource figure has been updated following an aircore drilling program earlier this year and now stands at 16.9 million tonnes of inferred resources at a grade of 350 ppm U3O8, equating to 13 million pounds U3O8 (5000 tU) of contained uranium at a cut-off of 100 ppm. This represents a 40% increase over previously reported figures, and also includes an increase in grade from 320 ppm.
According to Energia, the new figures make Carley Bore the fourth largest roll-front deposit in Western Australia, and exploration is continuing across the Nyang Project: only 5.5 km out of 100 km of identified paleochannels have yet been drilled. The project has an exploration target of 15-25 million pounds U3O8 (5800-9600 tU) at 300-500 ppm, a figure the company describes as "conservative".
The deposit is potentially amenable to mining using in-situ recovery methods, and hydrogeological studies on the deposit will take place over the coming months using test and monitoring bores which are already in place.
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