Kazakh uranium workers compete for gold

26 August 2008

The Beijing Olympics may be over, but Kazakh uranium industry workers are now holding their own mini-Olympics. KazAtomProm announced that its 8th Annual Sports Contest began on 25 August, with almost 1000 workers from the Kazakh uranium industry competing over the next five days at Almaty's Central Stadium. The workers are divided into 22 teams representing various business sub-divisions, affiliates, joint ventures and subsidiaries of KazAtomProm. The teams will compete in mini-football, volleyball, tennis, ping-pong, badminton, chess, blitz chess, track-and-field events and billiards. The contest will end with an award ceremony on 30 August. State-owned KazAtomProm said that the tournament demonstrates the "commitment of the company's staff to an active and healthy lifestyle as well as promoting sports values in Kazakhstan society."

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