OKG postpones Oskarshamn 2 uprate

06 July 2010

Swedish utility OKG announced that it has postponed the final phase of the modernisation of unit 2 of the Oskarshamn nuclear power plant. The company said that the modernisation work, which will increase the unit's net generating capacity by almost 38% from 610 MWe to 840 MWe, has proved to be more extensive and complex than expected. OKG had planned to conduct work, including the upgrade of safety systems, during a planned outage in 2011. During outages in 2007 and 2009, work was performed to install new electrical and control systems and to replace low pressure turbines. However, OKG said that it had decided to postpone the final phase of the modernisation project as it is not yet clear what all necessary preparations will be needed ahead of the work. The company has faced criticism from politicians, industry and consumers for having to extend earlier outages over the cold winter months, when power demand is high. OKG has not yet decided when the modernisation will now be completed, but said that its postponement means that the planned outage next year will be shortened.

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