Ringhals uprate approved by regulator

11 May 2009

The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) announced that it has given Ringhals AB approval to raise the thermal output of unit 3 of the Ringhals nuclear power plant by some 5%, from 3000 MW to 3144 MW. As a first step, the pressurized water reactor (PWR) will be allowed to operate at the higher level on a trial basis until the refuelling outage planned in 2010. At the end of the trial operation, Ringhals AB will need a separete approval from the SSM for the unit to be operated at the higher level as routine. Ringhals applied to SSM's predecessor the Nuclear Power Inspectorate (SKI) for a major uprate on the 915 MWe unit, on the basis of steam generator and low-pressure turbine replacement. Early in 2008 it was operating at 985 MWe net. In August 2008, work was completed to allow it to operate at 1050 MWe pending approval by SSM. A further uprate to 1105 MWe is envisaged.

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