Rosenergoatom teams in winter sports contest

20 March 2008

The opening ceremony of the Polar Nucleus 2008 sporting contest will be held this evening in the town of Poliarnye Zori near Kola nuclear power plant. Two teams from Rosenergoatom will compete in the games: the first consists of the best sportsmen from all of Russia's nuclear power teams, while the second is a team from the Kola plant. The contest consists of five events: ski racing (sprint and relay), slalom, polyathlon, snow football and rink bandy (a variation of ice hockey). There will also be a contest for supporters. The two Rosenergoatom teams will face tough competition. Amongst the other teams are last year's winning team from the Atom Sport Society. Also competing are teams from the Lokomotiv Sports Society (from the Murmansk section of the Octiabrsky Railway), the Kola Mining Company, the Kandalaksha Aluminium Plant and the Harvest Sports Society of villagers from the arctic region. 

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