Russia aims to be 'global player'

08 August 2008

[Nuclear.Ru, 6 August] Russia's Ministry for Economic Development, in a draft concept of Russia’s social and economic development up to 2020 submitted to the government for preliminary review, says that state policy on nuclear power aims to develop the country's nuclear power industry into a "global player". The document says that Russia will become the "global player" in nuclear business when installed nuclear generating capacity reaches 28-36 GW by 2012-2015 and 50-53 GW by 2020, when nuclear is expected to account for 20%-22% of the country's total electricity generation. The ministry said that, from 2020, the industry will be put through a "staged transition" to technology based on fast neutron reactors and a closed nuclear fuel cycle. The industry will also gain a broader range of reactor capacities, including small- and medium-sized units. Russia also intends to export equipment and technology worth at least $8-14 billion (in 2006 prices) by 2020. 

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