Poll: Two-thirds of Americans back new nuclear

09 June 2008

Zogby International has published the results of a public opinion poll in the USA which indicates that 67% of Americans support the construction of nuclear power plants, while 23% are opposed. Some 46% of respondents said that they strongly support the construction of new nuclear plants. With regards political persuasion, 85% of respondents backing the Republicans support new nuclear, compared with 49% of Democrats, while 70% of political independents were supportive. Respondents said that they were more likely to approve of the construction of a nuclear power plant in their community than a fossil fuel power plant. On a local level, 43% said they would support the building of a nuclear power plant in their community, compared with 34% for a natural gas plant, 27% for a coal plant and 19% for an oil-fired power plant. The preference for a nuclear power plant was greater among older respondents. 52% of those aged 65 or above most favoured nuclear, compared with just 27% of respondents aged between 18 and 24. In addition, 60% of men favoured a nuclear power plant in their community, compared with only 28% of women. The interactive survey of 2925 adults from across the USA was conducted on 20-22 May.

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