Westinghouse appointment targets Indian market

21 October 2008

Following the opening of international nuclear trade possibilities with India, Westinghouse announced that it has appointed Meena Mutyala to the newly-created position of Vice President and Business Leader, India Strategy. She will be responsible for formulating a business strategy to pursue commercial nuclear power opportunities in India. Mutyala has held various positions within Westinghouse since joining the company in 1977, most recently within its fuel business. Westinghouse president and CEO Aris Candris commented that the new role "is an important one as the nuclear power market in India promises to be both robust and long term." He added that Mutyala's experience "will help Westinghouse develop a long-term vision and strategy for nuclear power in India, which will include the eventual construction and operation of Westinghouse AP1000 nuclear plants in India."

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