Fires trigger shutdown at Penly

05 April 2012

Penly (EdF)
Penly (EDF)

EDF has reported two fires in the reactor building of Penly 2, which shut down automatically on detection of smoke in the reactor building.

France's largest national utility and operator of 58 nuclear reactors said that smoke was detected at 12.20pm today. Safety systems worked normally, said EDF, and the reactor unit was promptly shut down while fire teams from the plant and nearby area were mobilised.

According to several reports quoting the Commission Locale d'Information, which is a body that monitors the impact of industrial activities including nuclear power generation in the region, the fires were caused by hot coolant oil leaking from a water pump.

The Nuclear Safety Authority, ASN, said it had been notified of the fire and would send a team from its Caen division to visit Penly 2 on 6 April.

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