AtomEnergoProm appointments

18 September 2007

Following his own appointment as director of AtomEnergoProm (AEP), Vladimir Travin has chosen his deputies and advisors. Sergey Obozov has moved from being the director general of RosEnergoAtom to serve as first deputy director; Petr Schedrovitsky serves as deputy director; and Vladimir Smirnov has been appointed advisor to Travin. Smirnov's former position as director general of Tenex is being overseen by Alexey Grigoriev as acting director general. Travin is a former advisor to Sergei Kiriyenko, head of the Russian Federal Atomic Energy Agency (Rosatom). Schedrovitsky was formerly President of the Russian Institute of Nuclear Power Plant Operations, and before that an advisor to Kiriyenko during the time he served as President Vladimir Putin's presidential plenipotentiary in the Volga region.

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