More power for two US plants

11 January 2007

The output of the RE Ginna plant in New York state has been increased by 16.8%, while that of Beaver Valley in Pennsylvania has gone up by 8%.

Constellation's RE Ginna plant has been uprated by 16.8% after the installation of a new high-pressure steam turbine and other secondary circuit refurbishment (steam generators were replaced in 1996). The 37 year-old unit was brought to 580 MWe net this week.  

Meanwhile, FirstEnergy's two Beaver Valley units in Pennsylvania have increased their output by 8% overall. The Beaver Valley uprates have now been partly implemented, with unit 2 increasing power to 864 MWe net after modifications and unit 1 to 868 MWe - the remaining 2-3% for each (53 MWe net) will be achieved in 2007-8.  

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission approved the changes at the two plants in July. According to the body, over 110 similar uprates have taken place across the USA's 104 operating nuclear power reactors, adding over 4800 MWe to capacity.

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