Russian uranium deposits to be developed

22 May 2007

Eight Russian uranium deposits amounting to around 6% of global reserves are to be developed. State-owned uranium services company Tenex succeeded in bidding for the deposits on 15 May.

The deposits are located in the Yakutia region of north-eastern Russia. Their names are Elkon, Elkon Plateau, Kurung, Neprokhodimoye, Druzhnoye, Severnoye, Interesnoye and Lunnoye. Between them, they total 320,000 t of uranium.

According to Tenex, one of the largest uranium mining facilities in Russia would be constructed to produce up to 5000 t of uranium per year by 2030. The company said that "the construction of the mining facility is scheduled to start at this very time" and that first production could come as early as 2010.

In coming months, Tenex is planned to be integrated as part of AtomEnergoProm, a vertically integrated nuclear power company encpompassing virtually all of Russia's civil nuclear industry.

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