ESBWR forgings for Entergy

01 August 2007

Entergy has become the latest prospective reactor buyer to order heavy forgings. The company announced on 31 July that it had signed a 'project development agreement with GE-Hitachi (GEH) based around the possible deployment of a GEH ESBWR-design nuclear power unit. Entergy said that it had not yet decided to go ahead with new nuclear build but that it is "moving forward systematically to position itself so that the option remains visible in the 2017 timeframe." The order it has made with GEH concerns large forgings as well as the fabrication of 'several schedule-critical nuclear and turbine components' for ESBWR. Entergy, through the Nustart initiative, is considering building a new nuclear power plant at Grand Gulf, Mississippi, and River Bend, Louisiana. The combined construction and operation licenses (COL) for those plants could be submitted at the end of 2007 and mid-2008 respectively.

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