NuStart membership: One in, one out

29 October 2007

DTE Energy's Detroit Edison subsidiary plans to join NuStart Energy Development, while Constellation Energy will leave the consortium later this year.


NuStart Energy is a consortium comprised of ten power companies created for the dual purposes of testing the system for combined construction and operating licenses (COLs) offered by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and completing the design engineering for likely reactor technologies.


In 2005, one year after it was formed, the consortium selected two sites that are to be the subject of two COL applications, one based on a General Electric (GE) reactor design, and one based on a Westinghouse design. Tennessee Valley Authority's (TVA's) Bellefonte site has been earmarked for the construction of two new Westinghouse AP1000 reactors by the group.


Detroit Edison plans to join the consortium, citing the opportunity for additional collaboration with industry peers in developing standard regulatory processes and designs for new reactors. The company is preparing a COL application for a new reactor, but has not yet decided whether or not to construct it. Detroit Edison has tentative plans to submit the COL application to the NRC in late 2008. The company operates the Fermi nuclear power plant in Michigan.


Constellation, an original member of NuStart, plans to end its membership in December. The company has been involved in the Unistar Nuclear Energy (UNE) partnership with Areva Inc since 2005. EDF Group, parent of Electricity de France, joined the partnership in July 2007. UniStar is working towards the licensing, construction and operation of a fleet of a standardized US-specific version of Areva's Evolutionary Pressurized Water Reactor (USEPR). According to current plans, the first could be built at Calvert Cliffs, and one more each at Nine Mile Point and Amarillo.


NuStart president Marilyn Kray said, "As we move forward and industry growth continues, it's only natural that some NuStart members will achieve their initial goals and move on while other utilities find that NuStart membership suits their growing business goals." She added, "We certainly see these changes in our NuStart membership as evidence of growth and confidence in the future of the nation's nuclear industry."


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