KazAtomProm responds to acid shortage

15 November 2007

KazAtomProm has announced plans to build its own sulfuric acid plant - shortly after admitting supply problems. The non-reusable substance is the main chemical reagent used in the in-situ leaching process of uranium mining and a recent fire at a supplier led to supply rationing in Kazakhstan. KazAtomProm's new acid plant, near the Kharasan mine, should support the western mining group from 2010 with enough sulfuric acid to produce 5000 tonnes of uranium per year. It will burn 170,000 tonnes of solid sulfur per year which will come from oil and gas production carried out by Tengizhevroil. Separately, a 1.2 million tonne per year plant is already planned at the Kazakhmys copper smelter in Balkhash which should operate from May 2008 to alleviate the current shortage.

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