ASE: Bushehr to start in late 2008

20 December 2007

[RIA Novosti, 20 December] The Bushehr nuclear power plant under construction in Iran will not be commissioned until late 2008 at the earliest, according to Russian contractor AtomStroyExport (ASE). On 13 December, ASE reported that Moscow and Tehran had reached agreement on a schedule for completing construction of Bushehr. "I promised to verify the timeframe for the construction of the Bushehr nuclear plant, but I can say with certainty that the plant will not be commissioned before the end of 2008," said ASE director Sergey Shmatko. The announcement came days after Iran received its first delivery of nuclear fuel for the plant. However, under a Russian-Iranian agreement on Bushehr, nuclear fuel deliveries to the plant start about six months ahead of its commissioning.

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