Uprates for Almaraz units

06 January 2011

Following last year's approval for ten more years of operation, the two reactors at the Almaraz nuclear power plant are being uprated by 70 MWe to produce 1050 MWe each. Spanish reactors are granted ten-year operating licenses and those for Almaraz were renewed in June 2010. The power plant is jointly owned by Iberdrola with 53%, Endesa with 36% and Gas Natural Fenosa with 11%. Unit 1 has already been uprated, while unit 2 recently recieved permission from the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade to reconnect to the grid at the new capacity towards the end of January. If the reactors continue to perform at their lifetime capacity factor of over 85%, the extra generation capacity should boost power output by over 1 TWh per year.

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