UK new build regulatory plan

18 August 2011

A four-year plan from the UK's Office of Nuclear Regulation (ONR) has spelt out the resources it will put towards new nuclear build in coming years. The ONR expects to issue interim Design Acceptance Confirmation for the Areva EPR and Westinghouse AP1000 by the end of the year, if the outcomes of Mike Weightman's post-Fukushima report can be incorporated. Some items will be outstanding, but these should have a predictable timetable for resolution. It also counts among its deliverables the granting of approval for non-nuclear site work for Hinkley Point C, Wylfa B and Sizewell C, as long as applications are satisfactory. Subject to government approval, the ONR will start acceptance work on a new set of reactor designs in mid-to-late 2012. Supporting all this is a new-build workforce of about 88, growing to 107 in 2015. This year's budget for new build regulation was almost £20 million ($33 million) and future budgets will vary around the £15-16 million ($24-26 million) mark to 2015. The ONR has a total budget of about £62 million ($102 million), some 98% of which is recovered from industry.

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