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US consortium calls for action on waste

Located in: Waste and Recycling

13 March 2017

Yucca_Mt_entraince_2007_(NRC)-48A US business consortium has called for "decisive, swift and tangible" action on used nuclear fuel and high-level waste storage, including the re-establishment of the Office for Civilian Radioactive Waste Management and re-engagement with the Yucca Mountain review process. The US Nuclear Infrastructure Council says the current "impasse" is costing US taxpayers billions of dollars. 

US agencies look at excess uranium inventory

Located in: Uranium and Fuel

10 March 2017

The US Department of Energy has asked for public comment on the effects of potential transfers of its excess uranium inventory on the country's uranium mining, conversion and enrichment industries. The DOE's request was issued the day after the US Government Accountability Office raised issues related to excess uranium transfers over the past decade including questions on the DOE's assessment of market impact studies; the valuation of depleted uranium tails; and the legality of some transfers.

Robotic surveys resume at Fukushima Daiichi 1

Located in: Regulation and Safety

10 March 2017

PMORPH robot - 48Tokyo Electric Power Company is preparing to insert a Hitachi-developed robot into the primary containment vessel of the damaged unit 1 of the Fukushima Daiichi plant. Last month, a Toshiba-developed robot was used to survey the vessel of unit 2.

Rosatom chief outlines commercial vision

Located in: Corporate

08 March 2017

Alexey Likhachov - 48Russia's Rosatom aims to become one of the three most successful global technology companies by the beginning of the 2040s, transformed from the state-backed nuclear power corporation it is today, according to its new director-general. "I know some will be sceptical about this, as if it's a fantasy, but I believe it's possible," Alexey Likhachov said in an interview for the company's weekly newspaper Strana Rosatom.

Brexit deadline too tight for nuclear, inquiry hears

Located in: Nuclear Policies

06 March 2017

The UK's nuclear industry will need more than two years of Brexit negotiations to prepare for a departure from the European Atomic Energy Community, experts told members of parliament last week. The country's numerous arrangements with European Union member states would each need to be replicated and this could take a decade, they said.

FirstEnergy supports zero-emission credits for Ohio

Located in: Corporate

24 February 2017

Davis-Besse_(Fenoc-NRC)-48FirstEnergy Corporation is advocating for Ohio to pass legislation recognising the zero-emission benefits of nuclear power, while acknowledging that it does not expect to remain the long-term owner of the state's only operating nuclear power plants. The company has confirmed it will withdraw from the competitive electricity market.

France needs nuclear for energy transition, says SFEN

Located in: Energy and Environment

23 February 2017

The French Nuclear Society says the country needs to maintain its nuclear power generation capacity to raise the share of electricity from renewable sources without increasing the cost of electricity production. In a white paper it suggests ways in which this can be achieved.

US consortium calls for public-private SMR support

Located in: New Nuclear

20 February 2017

A consortium of small modular reactor developers and customers has issued a policy statement setting out the benefits of public-private partnerships to facilitate the commercialisation and export of US-designed SMRs.

Waste shipments to WIPP expected to resume soon

Located in: Waste and Recycling

16 February 2017

WIPP (DOE) 48The shipment of transuranic wastes from generator sites to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in New Mexico is set to resume in April. The US Department of Energy expects a total of 128 shipments to be made to WIPP over the next 12 months.

Brexit white paper confuses Euratom debate

Located in: Viewpoint

08 February 2017

The 2008 EU Amendment Act is not a justifiable legal basis for the UK government's belief that Brexit must also mean an exit from Euratom, write Jonathan Leech and Rupert Cowen.

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