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Nuclear needed for Europe's clean energy transition

Located in: Energy and Environment

18 April 2017

Foratom, the European nuclear trade body, has today published a position paper on the European Commission's 'Clean Energy for All Europeans' package of measures for a clean energy transition. The organisation says the EU's aim to decarbonise the economy by more than 80% by 2050 cannot be achieved without nuclear power.

Fusion energy and the UK's industrial strategy

Located in: Nuclear Policies

18 April 2017

Tokamak Energy has highlighted the contribution fusion energy can make to the UK's new industrial strategy and how government policy can support its rapid development and large-scale commercial deployment. In an 'open letter' sent to World Nuclear News, Tokamak Energy's chief executive, David Kingham, outlined his response to the government's Building our Industrial Strategy: Green Paper that sets out how it proposes to build a modern, research and development-led economy for a 'global Britain'.

US uranium producers want halt on federal transfers

Located in: Uranium and Fuel

17 April 2017

An organisation representing the USA's uranium producers has called on the US Department of Energy to halt transfers of federal excess uranium inventory until the uranium market recovers. The Uranium Producers of America said the domestic industry is currently in a fragile state after the transfer of large quantities of price-insensitive material over a long period.

WIPP waste shipments resume

Located in: Waste and Recycling

11 April 2017

WIPP_TRU_transport_Apr17_(WIPP)_48The US Department of Energy's Waste Isolation Pilot Plant yesterday received its first shipment of transuranic waste since reopening after almost three years out of action.

French state moves to ensure Fessenheim closure

Located in: Nuclear Policies

10 April 2017

Fessenheim (EDF) 72x48The outgoing French government has published a decree to repeal EDF's licence to operate the Fessenheim nuclear power plant. The plant, it said, must be shut down when the Flamanville EPR begins commercial operation, expected by 2020, as EDF has already agreed.

EDF defies Fessenheim shutdown order

Located in: Nuclear Policies

07 April 2017

Fessenheim plant - 48EDF's board of directors yesterday voted against the imminent closure of the Fessenheim nuclear power plant in eastern France, as demanded by the current government. The company said it intends to comply with previously announced legal requirements regarding the plant's continued operation.

What’s in it for the EU?

Located in: Viewpoint

04 April 2017

Article 50 has been triggered and Brexit really does mean Brexit. Now begins the arduous task of negotiating the UK's divorce from the European Union, and there is one simple test the European Commission will be applying to every one of the UK government's demands, writes Tom Greatrex.

Entergy completes Fitzpatrick transfer

Located in: Corporate

03 April 2017

FitzPatrick_(Entergy)_48Entergy Corporation has completed the sale of the James A Fitzpatrick nuclear power plant in New York State to Exelon Generation. Exelon agreed to buy the single-unit plant last year after the state adopted a Clean Energy Standard supporting the continued operation of nuclear capacity.

Nuclear regulation is unique: a Canadian perspective

Located in: Viewpoint

30 March 2017

The international nuclear regulatory community is unique among the world's regulatory communities. Through adherence to international conventions and standards, participation in international organisations, peer reviews and benchmarking activities, and continuous lessons learned from best practices, the international nuclear regulatory community is committed to collaboration and transparency in the interests of safety and security, writes Jason Cameron.

US climate and energy policies repealed

Located in: Energy and Environment

29 March 2017

Trump - Energy Independence exec order - 48A swathe of energy policies and regulations introduced by the Obama administration was deleted yesterday with the signing of an Energy Independence Policy Executive Order by US President Donald Trump. Among other things, the order repeals the Environmental Protection Agency's 2015 Clean Power Plan.

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