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Eighth Japanese reactor resumes power generation

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14 May 2018

Ohi 3 and 4 48Unit 4 of the Ohi nuclear power plant in Japan's Fukui Prefecture began supplying electricity to the grid again on 11 May, Kansai Electric Power Company has announced. The reactor is expected to re-enter commercial operation early next month.

Dome installed on Tianwan 6 containment building

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08 May 2018

Tianwan 6 dome installation - 48The containment dome of unit 6 of the Tianwan nuclear power plant in China's Jiangsu province was installed on 5 May, marking the reactor's entry into the equipment installation phase of construction, China Nuclear Engineering and Construction Corporation announced today. CNECC is a subsidiary of China National Nuclear Corporation.

Cautious optimism for uranium outlook

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30 April 2018

Treva_Klingbiel_WNFC2018_(WNFC)-48Growth in world uranium inventories is slowing as the supply sector is responding to a gradual recovery in uranium demand, according to speakers at the World Nuclear Fuel Cycle conference held in Madrid on 18-19 April. Uranium resources remain plentiful, but the investment needed to bring resources into production depends heavily on the market, the conference heard.

Namibian mine prepares for care and maintenance decision

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26 April 2018

Langer_Heinrich_view_(Paladin)-48Paladin Energy has begun preparations at Langer Heinrich ahead of a potential decision to put the Namibian uranium mine under care and maintenance. A decision is expected within two months.

Nuclear growth on track for Harmony

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23 April 2018

Agneta_Rising_WNFC_2018_(WNFC)-48Nuclear growth is at a 25-year high driven by the need for clean and reliable electricity, World Nuclear Association Director General Agneta Rising told the World Nuclear Fuel Cycle conference last week. While market problems persist in the USA, China's rate of nuclear approvals is picking up, other keynote speakers said.

French soil decontamination tested in Fukushima

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13 April 2018

Testing of French soil decontamination process in Fukushima - 48A demonstration test of a process to decontaminate radioactive soil was successfully carried out last November in Japan's Fukushima Prefecture, France's Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission announced on 11 April. The technology was developed by CEA, Orano and Veolia.

Another Japanese unit resumes commercial operation

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10 April 2018

Ohi 3 and 4 48Unit 3 of the Ohi nuclear power plant in Japan's Fukui Prefecture today resumed commercial operation, Kansai Electric Power Company announced. The reactor is the sixth to be restarted after clearing the country's revised safety regulations.

Shikoku decides to retire Ikata 2

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27 March 2018

Ikata plant - 48Unit 2 of the Ikata nuclear power plant in Japan's Ehime prefecture is to be decommissioned, Shikoku Electric Power Company announced today. It becomes the ninth operable Japanese reactor to be declared for decommissioning since the Fukushima Daiichi accident.

Drones to venture into Fukushima containment vessels

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22 March 2018

Unmanned aerial system technology is being developed to fly into the containment vessels of the damaged reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan to assess their condition. Tokyo Electric Power Company contracted the Southwest Research Institute of the USA to carry out the work.

Reactor vessel installation under way at Hongyanhe 5

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20 March 2018

Hongyanhe 5 RPV delivery - 48The reactor pressure vessel for unit 5 of the Hongyanhe nuclear power plant has been delivered to the construction site in China's Liaoning province. Installation of the component began immediately.

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