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The human side of nuclear safety and the future of nuclear energy

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14 July 2015

The accident at Fukushima Daiichi led to improvements in equipment at plants around the world. Equally important to the process of improving nuclear safety is the emphasis placed on implementing quality improvements to the 'human' side of nuclear safety, writes William Magwood.

The right approach to radiological protection

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06 January 2015

There is certainly nothing wrong with the basic tenets of radiological protection, but their application without heed to non-radiological hazards can lead seriously astray, writes Jack Valentin, an independent radiological protection consultant.

Obstacles to CSC for Nuclear Damage

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22 December 2014

The New Year will likely bring a sea change to the international regime of financial protection for nuclear incidents, writes James A. Glasgow, partner at Pillsbury Winthrop.

Transparency is a shared responsibility

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04 December 2014

With a mandate to disseminate objective scientific, technical and regulatory information to the public, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) goes to great lengths to ensure that it is being open and transparent in all of its dealings, writes Jason Cameron, vice-president, Regulatory Affairs Branch, CNSC.

Enhanced nuclear safety?

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31 October 2014

Does the EU nuclear safety directive risk fragmenting international standards, asks Ana Stanič.

A long view of nuclear

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20 October 2014

More than a century has passed since radiation and nuclear energy were discovered and the image of those energy sources has undergone much evolution with the passing of several cultural waves, each of which left its mark on the public's perception and attitude to nuclear power, writes Jeremy Gordon.

Learning from mining's past

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18 September 2014

Public perception of uranium mining is largely based on the poor, unregulated practices of the industry's earliest days. But the industry has learned from its past, and modern practices and regulatory regimes have transformed uranium mining into one of the most highly regulated and safest forms of mining in the world today, writes Robert Vance.

China's new nuclear baby

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02 September 2014

China has formally launched its first indigenous nuclear power reactor design, with some French ancestry but born of two major internecine contests, writes Ian Hore-Lacy.

What was deadly at Fukushima?

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26 August 2014

What turned Fukushima from a medium-ranking industrial accident, of the kind the happens perhaps eight or ten times a year, into a disaster, with a reported death toll among the evacuees of over 1000? It wasn't the radiation, writes Malcolm Grimston.

Taking on Fukushima

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02 May 2014

Masuda, May 2014 64x48One month after being put in charge of decommissioning Fukushima Daiichi, Naohiro Masuda talked to World Nuclear News about his priorities for the site and its workforce.

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