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Tepco, Sellafield agree to share experience

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30 September 2014

UK at Fukushima 48A formal cooperation agreement has been signed between Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) and the UK's Sellafield Ltd. It follows the earlier signing of an initial cooperation statement between the two companies.

Tokai reprocessing plant to shut

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29 September 2014

Tokai reprocessing plant 48The Japan Atomic Energy Agency will shut its reprocessing plant in Tokai, reportedly due to the costs of modifications required under post-Fukushima safety regulations.

Ban Ki-moon applauds IAEA

Located in: Nuclear Policies

22 September 2014

Ban Ki-moon, secretary-general of the United Nations, today applauded the work of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in promoting a nuclear safety culture around the world.


IAEA's Amano sets out challenges

Located in: Nuclear Policies

22 September 2014

Yukiya Amano, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), has become "more and more convinced" of the vital importance of science and technology for sustainable development in his visits to the agency’s member states all over the world.


Learning from mining's past

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18 September 2014

Public perception of uranium mining is largely based on the poor, unregulated practices of the industry's earliest days. But the industry has learned from its past, and modern practices and regulatory regimes have transformed uranium mining into one of the most highly regulated and safest forms of mining in the world today, writes Robert Vance.

Design approval for the ESBWR

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17 September 2014

ESBWR (GEH) 48The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission has approved a rule to certify GE-Hitachi Nuclear Energy’s Economic Simplified Boiling-Water Reactor design for use in the USA. The rule will go into effect 30 days after its publication in the Federal Register.

Insurers can help improve the image of nuclear

Located in: Regulation and Safety

16 September 2014

Third party financial limits have not kept pace with the development of either the insurance sector or the nuclear industry, says Mark Tetley, managing director of the power, nuclear and construction division at Lloyd's broker Price Forbes.

Approval for next UAE nuclear units

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16 September 2014

As regulatory approval is granted for the construction of Barakah units 3 and 4, the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation has stepped up efforts to develop a skilled Emirati workforce to staff the country's growing nuclear sector.

New trends in financing

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15 September 2014

Nadira Barkatullah - WNA Sympo 2014 - 48Financing nuclear power plants is "challenging but viable" with new financing trends emerging to support nuclear new build, Nadira Barkatullah, director of economic regulation at the Regulation and Supervision Bureau of the United Arab Emirates said. 

Learning from the market

Located in: Uranium and Fuel

12 September 2014

Jeff_Combs_(WNA)_48Fundamental changes in the nature of uranium supply, demand and the market itself over the last ten years may have largely gone unrecognized, but the market of 2014 is in a better position to support nuclear energy growth than it was a decade ago according to Ux Consulting Company's Jeff Combs.

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