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Red Book sees production capacity as future uranium challenge

Located in: Uranium and Fuel

05 December 2016

Developing production capacity to meet the world's uranium needs, rather than the availability of uranium resources, is a likely challenge over coming years according to the latest edition of the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency and International Atomic Energy Agency joint report on uranium resources, production and demand.

CLP buys 17% stake in operator of Yangjiang plant

Located in: Corporate

30 November 2016

Yangjiang units 1 to 6 - 48Hong Kong-based power company CLP Holdings Limited has won a bid to acquire a 17% stake in Yangjiang Nuclear Power Company Limited from China General Nuclear. The transaction is expected to be completed by mid-2017.

Eskom confident of Thyspunt seismic safety

Located in: Regulation and Safety

28 November 2016

South African nuclear utility Eskom said it is confident its probabilistic seismic safety studies for Thyspunt adequately characterise the site's seismic hazards. It denied allegations by a research institute that it had not shared its findings on the seismic safety of the Eastern Cape site.

Swiss reject rapid nuclear phase out

Located in: Nuclear Policies

27 November 2016

Muhleberg - 48UPDATED The proposal to force older nuclear power plants to close in Switzerland has been rejected in a referendum. The five reactors that provide over one-third of electricity can continue to operate according to their economic lives.

Ukraine applauds WANO's pilot cross-centre review at Rovno

Located in: Corporate

25 November 2016

The head of Energoatom has described the World Association of Nuclear Operators' first cross-regional review, which is taking place at the Rovno nuclear power plant in Ukraine, as a "very useful" exercise that reflects changes to WANO's approach following the 2011 Fukushima accident in Japan.

Spanish regulator approves post-Fukushima measures

Located in: Regulation and Safety

24 November 2016

Spanish nuclear regulators have approved new post-Fukushima design modifications at the country's nuclear power plants, including final approvals for emergency management centres.

Fukushima earthquake leaves nuclear plants unaffected

Located in: Regulation and Safety

22 November 2016

Tepco found no "abnormalities" at its Fukushima plants following an off-shore earthquake on Tuesday morning. The cooling system in the used fuel pool of Tepco's Fukushima Daini unit 3 automatically shut but was subsequently restarted. The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) issued tsunami warnings following the magnitude 7.4 quake.

Fiscal 2016 mission accomplished for NRC

Located in: Regulation and Safety

21 November 2016

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) met its strategic goals and objectives for safety and security in fiscal 2016 and is in a sound financial position, according to the regulator's newly published annual performance and accountability report.

Mihama 3 cleared for extended operation

Located in: Regulation and Safety

16 November 2016

Mihama NPP 48Japan's Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) has approved an extension to the operating period for Kansai Electric Power's Mihama unit 3, enabling the plant to operate for up to 60 years.

IAEA and IEEE formalize cooperation

Located in: Corporate

04 November 2016

The International Atomic Energy Agency and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers announced yesterday they had signed an agreement establishing practical arrangements to cooperate in sharing of best practices and documents and standards development in the area of nuclear safety and energy.

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