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Injunction halts operation of Takahama units

Located in: Regulation and Safety

09 March 2016

Takahama 3 and 4 - 48A district court today imposed a temporary injunction against the operation of units 3 and 4 of Kansai Electric Power Company's Takahama nuclear power plant in Fukui prefecture. Kansai said unit 3 will be shut down tomorrow, while unit 4 is currently not in operation.

Amano highlights 2016 activities for IAEA

Located in: Nuclear Policies

08 March 2016

IAEA Board meeting - March 2016 - 48Further enhancing nuclear safety around the world and the verification of Iran's nuclear program will be key activities for the International Atomic Energy Agency this year, its director general has told the organization's board of governors.

Spain's post-Fukushima safety measures near completion

Located in: Regulation and Safety

07 March 2016

Spain's nuclear power plants have almost completed the implementation of additional safety measures introduced in response to the accident at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi plant five years ago, the country's nuclear industry forum Foronuclear has announced.

Kurion completes prototype modular tritium removal system

Located in: Waste and Recycling

01 March 2016

Modular Detritation System - 48US radioactive waste management specialist Kurion has announced the completion of construction and acceptance testing of its prototype tritium management solution, the Modular Detritiation System.

Flexible systems and approaches boost safety after Fukushima

Located in: Regulation and Safety

29 February 2016

Nuclear power plants around the world now have flexible approaches to dealing with a wide range of accident scenarios," said William Magwood, director general of the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency, commenting on five years of international cooperation to improve safety after the Fukushima accident.

Westinghouse signs supply agreement with KHNP

Located in: Corporate

29 February 2016

KHNP-Westinghouse - signing - February 2016 - 48A long-term supply agreement for replacement parts for nuclear power plants has been signed between Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power and Westinghouse. KHNP expects the agreement to shorten the procurement process for such equipment.

Speaking with one voice for nuclear energy

Located in: Viewpoint

29 February 2016

The nuclear industry today stands at a critical juncture and it is time to reassess our approach to each other and the wider world if we are to make the most of our opportunities, writes Preston Swafford.

NRA approves Takahama 1 and 2 safety standards

Located in: Regulation and Safety

25 February 2016

Takahama 48Units 1 and 2 of Kansai Electric Power Company's Takahama nuclear power plant in Fukui prefecture meet Japan's new safety regulations, the country's nuclear regulator has decided. Both units have already operated beyond their 40-year licence period.

EnBW granted permits for decommissioning infrastructure

Located in: Waste and Recycling

23 February 2016

UPDATED German power company EnBW has received permits for the construction of decommissioning infrastructure at its Neckarwestheim and Philippsburg nuclear power plants. The company plans to start building soon residual material treatment centres and interim site-waste storage facilities at the two sites.

Shorter outages raise EDF's nuclear generation in 2015

Located in: Corporate

16 February 2016

French utility EDF announced its 2015 full-year results today, saying that it had met all its targets despite "unfavourable market conditions". Strong performances from its French and UK reactors helped support the company.

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