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German law limits renewable growth

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09 April 2014

A new law approved by the German cabinet aims to keep down the costs and slow down the rate of growth of renewable energy as the country continues with its energy transition.

Extraction of Fukushima groundwater starts

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09 April 2014

Temporary groundwater storage tanks 48Tepco has begun pumping groundwater so that it bypasses the Fukushima Daiichi plant, reducing the volume of contaminated water that it must deal with. The water will be stored and tested before being released into the sea.

UN reports on Fukushima radiation

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02 April 2014

The major UN report on the health impacts of the Fukushima accident concluded that any radiation-induced effects would be too small to identify. People were well protected and received "low or very low" radiation doses.

First Fukushima residents go home to Miyakoji

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01 April 2014

Tamura City 64x48The first permanent returns were made today by Fukushima residents displaced by the nuclear accident three years ago. Evacuation orders on the district of Miyakoji in the east of Tamura City have been officially lifted.

Nuclear tax robs seven months from German plant

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28 March 2014

The Grafenrheinfeld nuclear power plant will close seven months early, said EOn, claiming the government tax on nuclear fuel makes its final period of operation uneconomic.

Blockage cleared for Fukushima water bypass

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26 March 2014

With the permission of local fishermen Tepco will soon let groundwater bypass the Fukushima Daiichi plant, alleviating a large part of its water management problem.

Swimming, shape-changing robots for Fukushima

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17 March 2014

Hitachi submersible robot 48Two robots have been jointly developed by Hitachi and Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy to help investigate the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan. One robot is submersible while the other is shape-changing.

Coal taints Germany's energy mix

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12 March 2014

Greenhouse gas emissions in Germany, 1990 - Forecast 2013 (UBA) 66x48Germany increased its carbon dioxide emissions for the second year in a row due to its Energiewende policies and the effects of global fuel markets.

EDF's emergency response force in place

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12 March 2014

FARN exercise at St Alban 48All four of EDF's regional nuclear emergency bases are now in full operation. Proposed following the Fukushima accident, these will be capable of rapidly responding to a serious accident at any French nuclear power plant.

Return to Tamura in April

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11 March 2014

Tamura City map 64x48Tamura City will be the first place in Fukushima to have its evacuation order lifted, in what prime minister Shinzo Abe hopes will be a period of visible recovery. Industry welcomed the development, three years after the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident.

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