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New minister tours Fukushima plant

Located in: Nuclear Policies

08 September 2014

Obuchi at Fukushima 48In her first week as Japan's minister for trade and industry, Yuko Obuchi has visited the damaged Fukushima Daiichi plant to offer her support to workers there.

India, Japan continue talks on nuclear deal

Located in: Nuclear Policies

03 September 2014

Abe and Modi - September 2014 48The prime ministers of India and Japan have welcomed the "significant progress" made in negotiating a nuclear cooperation agreement between the two countries, saying talks will be accelerated to conclude such a deal.

China's new nuclear baby

Located in: Viewpoint

02 September 2014

China has formally launched its first indigenous nuclear power reactor design, with some French ancestry but born of two major internal contests, writes Ian Hore-Lacy.

Polish public supports nuclear plan

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26 August 2014

Public support for the construction of Poland's first nuclear power plant has soared to 64%, but an independent Polish think-tank warns that public debate must be refocused away from current concerns about international political crises if that support is to be long lived.

What was deadly at Fukushima?

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26 August 2014

What turned Fukushima from a medium-ranking industrial accident, of the kind the happens perhaps eight or ten times a year, into a disaster, with a reported death toll among the evacuees of over 1000? It wasn't the radiation, writes Malcolm Grimston.

Park proposes Northeast Asian nuclear safety group

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15 August 2014

Park Geun-hye 15 Aug 2014 48South Korean president Park Geun-hye has proposed establishing a Northeast Asia nuclear safety body with Japan and China. Other countries, she said, would be welcome to participate.

Additional measures for Fukushima water management

Located in: Regulation and Safety

14 August 2014

Fukushima impermeable sea wall 48Two systems are being put in place at the damaged Fukushima Daiichi plant in Japan that should significantly improve water management at the site. Tepco is seeking approval before full operation of the impermeable seawall and subdrain system starts.

Cosmic rays to pinpoint Fukushima cores

Located in: Regulation and Safety

11 August 2014

Fukushima muon detector 48A system using muon detectors should be able to determine the exact locations of the molten cores of the damaged Fukushima Daiichi reactors. It is to be supplied by Decision Sciences International Corporation through a contract awarded by Toshiba.

Tepco brings lessons from accident sequence

Located in: Regulation and Safety

07 August 2014

As it continues to study the details of the complex accident at Fukushima Daiichi, Tokyo Electric Power Company is sharing information with other nuclear power plant operators.

Spanish regulator sets conditions for Garoña restart

Located in: Regulation and Safety

31 July 2014

Garona 48The operator of Spain's Garoña nuclear power plant, Nuclenor, has until the end of September to provide a schedule to meet a series of requirements set by the country's nuclear regulator for its restart.

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