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Fukushima ice wall under construction

Located in: Regulation and Safety

02 June 2014

Fukushima Daiichi ice wall drilling 48Construction has started of a wall of frozen soil at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant to prevent groundwater entering the reactor buildings. The ice wall is expected to take nine months to complete.

First base for US emergency response

Located in: Regulation and Safety

23 May 2014

The first of America's regional response centres is now in operation, ready to supply equipment to any of the country's nuclear power plants facing an emergency situation.

Investigation into Kudankulam spillage

Located in: Regulation and Safety

23 May 2014

Kudankulam 69x48Six workers were injured by a hot water spillage in the turbine hall of India's Kudankulam 1 during a recent maintenance outage. The regulator attributed the incident on procedural errors rather than faulty equipment.

Court rules against restart of Ohi reactors

Located in: Regulation and Safety

21 May 2014

Ohi 3 and 4 48A district court in Japan has ordered Kansai Electric Power Company not to restart two units at its Ohi nuclear power plant in Fukui prefecture due to public concerns. Kansai said it will appeal the ruling.

Fukushima groundwater released to sea

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21 May 2014

Fukushima groundwater release 48The first groundwater diverted from the Fukushima Daiichi plant has been released into the sea after tests showed that contamination was well below permissible levels. The bypass system will significantly reduce the volume of contaminated water that Tepco must deal with.

Public votes for continued Mühleberg operation

Located in: Nuclear Policies

19 May 2014

Muhleberg - landscape - 48Voters in the Swiss canton of Bern have rejected a proposal for the immediate shut down of the Mühleberg nuclear power plant. The plant will now close as intended in 2019.

China setting up emergency response team

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15 May 2014

A national team is being assembled to respond to nuclear emergencies in an effort to reinforce China's preparedness. The group will supplement existing provincial and on-site response teams.

Half-way point for Fukushima fuel transfer

Located in: Regulation and Safety

14 May 2014

Fukushima fuel transfer cask - 48More than half of the 1533 fuel assemblies have been removed from the storage pond of Fukushima Daiichi unit 4 and transferred to a central storage pool on the site. The remainder should be removed by the end of the year.

NRC sets seismic priorities

Located in: Regulation and Safety

12 May 2014

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has drawn up a list of 21 reactor sites in central and eastern USA that must carry out in-depth analyses of updated earthquake risks as a matter of priority. The regulator says that all are considered safe for continued operation in the meantime.

G7 names nuclear as energy security asset

Located in: Energy and Environment

07 May 2014

The G7 group of industrialised nations has focused on energy security, prioritising low-carbon sources including nuclear power for deployment in an effort to establish resilient low-carbon power systems.

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