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Nuclear bond between France and Japan

Located in: Nuclear Policies

06 May 2014

Abe and Hollande, May 2014 (Elysee) 80x48Nuclear power remains important for France and Japan, the leaders of both countries have affirmed. The nations will cooperate on future reactor technology, while French and Japanese companies pursue commercial nuclear opportunities.

Sellafield and Fukushima link up

Located in: Waste and Recycling

02 May 2014

Sellafield, Fukushima signing, May 2014 (72x48)Sellafield Ltd has become the first to sign a cooperation agreement with the Tepco subsidiary responsible for cleaning up the Fukushima Daiichi site. The companies will share their decommissioning experience.

Taking on Fukushima

Located in: Viewpoint

02 May 2014

Masuda, May 2014 64x48One month after being put in charge of decommissioning Fukushima Daiichi, Naohiro Masuda talked to World Nuclear News about his priorities for the site and its workforce.

Cash injections to aid Japanese utilities

Located in: Corporate

30 April 2014

Two Japanese regional power companies have secured capital support totalling ¥150 billion ($1.46 billion) from the state-owned Development Bank of Japan. The move comes as they announced losses for the third consecutive year, while all of Japan's nuclear power reactors remain offline awaiting restart.

€2.2 billion owed to German nuclear utilities

Located in: Nuclear Policies

15 April 2014

Germany should immediately refund some €2.2 billion in nuclear fuel taxes collected from EOn and RWE, pending final decisions on the tax from either the Federal Constitutional Court or the European Court of Justice.

Site approval for Chinese AP1000 plant

Located in: New Nuclear

14 April 2014

The Xudabao site in China's Liaoning province has been approved for the construction of the first two of six AP1000 units planned there.

Japan retains nuclear in energy mix

Located in: Nuclear Policies

11 April 2014

Three years after the Fukushima accident, which led to calls for Japan to phase-out nuclear power, the country's cabinet has given its approval to an energy policy that recommends the restart of its idled nuclear reactors.

German law limits renewable growth

Located in: Nuclear Policies

09 April 2014

A new law approved by the German cabinet aims to keep down the costs and slow down the rate of growth of renewable energy as the country continues with its energy transition.

Extraction of Fukushima groundwater starts

Located in: Regulation and Safety

09 April 2014

Temporary groundwater storage tanks 48Tepco has begun pumping groundwater so that it bypasses the Fukushima Daiichi plant, reducing the volume of contaminated water that it must deal with. The water will be stored and tested before being released into the sea.

UN reports on Fukushima radiation

Located in: Regulation and Safety

02 April 2014

The major UN report on the health impacts of the Fukushima accident concluded that any radiation-induced effects would be too small to identify. People were well protected and received "low or very low" radiation doses.

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