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Premiers agree on Sinop nuclear plant

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30 October 2013

Abe and Erdogan, October 2013 (Basbakanlik) 85x48The Turkish and Japanese prime minister have signed a framework agreement for the Sinop nuclear power plant and cooperation between the countries. It is the final stage before a commercial contract.

Extra experts for Japanese regulator

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25 October 2013

The Japanese cabinet today approved the merger of a technical support organisation with the Nuclear Regulation Authority, a move that will significantly boost its manpower.

Grid connection for Kudankulam unit

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22 October 2013

Kudankulam 1 and 2 48The first unit of the Kudankulam nuclear power plant in India's southern state of Tamil Nadu was connected to the electricity grid today. It becomes India's 21st operating power reactor.

Communication as important as clean-up, says IAEA

Located in: Regulation and Safety

21 October 2013

While praising Japan's efforts to decontaminate the area around the damaged Fukushima Daiichi plant, an international expert mission suggests that authorities should improve their communications with the public.

Fuel removal from undamaged Fukushima reactor

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17 October 2013

Fukushima Daiichi 6 lid removal 48The removal of fuel from the undamaged reactor of unit 6 of the Fukushima Daiichi plant began today after workers completed operations to remove the reactor pressure vessel lid and major components.

Revised governance needed for nuclear growth

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15 October 2013

Global governance of nuclear energy should evolve from a 'bottom-up' approach and be designed to facilitate growth of the energy source, said industry at the World Energy Congress in Daegu, Korea.

WEC calls on leaders to face the music

Located in: Energy and Environment

14 October 2013

Gaddoneix at Daegu opening (WEC)_48The World Energy Council (WEC) has called on policymakers and leaders to "get real" to ensure the world's energy future – and has released two future energy scenarios to illustrate how the world must strive to achieve harmony in the energy system.

Indictments for South Korea forgery scandal

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10 October 2013

Shin Wolsong 2 recabling (KHNP)_48One hundred people have been indicted for their part in falsifying safety documents affecting South Korean nuclear power plants, the country's government has announced.

Workers reconnect Fukushima pipe

Located in: Regulation and Safety

09 October 2013

Fukushima Daiichi desalination leak, October 2013 (Tepco) 68x48Workers at Fukushima Daiichi tackled a leak in a water treatment system caused by a maintenance error. No ill effects have been reported from radiation exposure during the repair.

Nuclear limbo for climate ambitions

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04 October 2013

Japan's climate goals remain as unclear as its energy policy. According to the Japan Federation of Economic Organizations it should resist setting targets until well into next year.

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