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IAEA praises Fukushima decommissioning approach

Located in: Regulation and Safety

05 December 2013

IAEA mission to FS Nov 2013 - 48Japan has adopted a more proactive approach towards addressing the many complex challenges posed by the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, an international expert mission has concluded.

Business calls for stable power supply in Japan

Located in: Nuclear Policies

02 December 2013

Nuclear power needs to be an option for Japan, said a panel of the Japan Federation of Economic Organizations (Keidanren), however recovery in Fukushima prefecture must be a priority.

Europe plans for emergency communication

Located in: Regulation and Safety

29 November 2013

EU nuclear energy countries 62x48A project backed by 43 organisations is preparing Europe to react and communicate effectively in case of a nuclear emergency, drawing on the lessons of the Fukushima accident.

Tepco sends in the Raccoon

Located in: Regulation and Safety

27 November 2013

Raccoon robot (Tepco) 48A robot vacuum cleaner dubbed the Raccoon is to tackle contamination within Fukushima Daiichi 2 in preparation for workers to re-enter the building.

Fuel removal under way at Fukushima

Located in: Regulation and Safety

18 November 2013

Fukushima Daiichi 4 fuel removal 48The first fuel assembly has been removed from Fukushima Daiichi unit 4's storage pond, marking the start of an operation expected to be completed at the end of next year.

Rosatom sees exports jump in 2012

Located in: Corporate

13 November 2013

Russian state nuclear enterprise Rosatom reported an increase of almost 31% in export orders in 2012. The corporation's long-term strategy aims to significantly increase foreign orders by 2030.

All systems ready for Fukushima fuel removal

Located in: Regulation and Safety

13 November 2013

Checking a crane at Fukushima Daiichi 4, November 2013 (Tepco) 74x48Engineers at Fukushima Daiichi have done final checks before they begin removing fuel from unit 4's storage pond, the highest priority safety-related task in the site's decommissioning.

Tepco seeks to improve worker welfare

Located in: Regulation and Safety

08 November 2013

NFT-22B storage container (Tepco) 48Improvements to conditions for workers on the Fukushima Daiichi site feature alongside details of plans for management of contaminated water and for the removal of fuel from unit 4's used fuel pool in Tepco's latest report on progress at the site.

Manga shows Fukushima worker's experience

Located in: Other News

01 November 2013

Ichiefu (Kazuta Tatsuta) 67x48A former worker at the Fukushima Daiichi site has created a manga comic of his experiences in a new series.

Premiers agree on Sinop nuclear plant

Located in: New Nuclear

30 October 2013

Abe and Erdogan, October 2013 (Basbakanlik) 85x48The Turkish and Japanese prime minister have signed a framework agreement for the Sinop nuclear power plant and cooperation between the countries. It is the final stage before a commercial contract.

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