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Prairie Island should run longer not stronger

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24 October 2012

Prairie Island 61x48Xcel Energy, owner of the Prairie Island nuclear power plant, has made a last minute submission advising against uprating the plant as it has realised a new fuel allows them to push their operating cycle out from 18 to 24 months.

China's emerging nuclear power policy

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24 October 2012

Changjiang dome lifting (CNECC) 64x48China plans a 'steady' return to full-scale nuclear build, approving a 'small number' of projects in each of the coming five years and restricting technology selection to Generation-III designs only.

EOn withdraws from Fennovoima

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24 October 2012

Germany's EOn is to sell its 34% stake in the Fennovoima new build project as part of a move to divest its businesses in Finland and refocus its Nordic operations on Sweden and Denmark.

Hydrogen fix for Japanese reactors

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19 October 2012

Areva has a bulk order in Japan to fit hydrogen recombiners that help to prevent the explosive gas building up in reactor containment during emergency situations.

Conversion plant will be kept offline

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17 October 2012

An order by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has reinforced a voluntary commitment by Honeywell to keep the Metropolis uranium conversion plant offline until post-Fukushima safety improvements are complete.

Debris investigated in unit 3 pool

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17 October 2012

Fukushima Daiichi 3 fuel pool 48Fuel racks in the pool of Fukushima Daiichi 3 appear undamaged, despite impact by debris including large parts of a 35-tonne fuel handling machine over 18 months ago.

France needs more electricity, not less nuclear

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15 October 2012

EDF chief Henri Proglio has positioned electricity as "the energy of the future" while the country prepares to debate an 'energy transition'.

Areva to mothball Trekkopje project

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12 October 2012

Trekkopje 48The launch of the Trekkopje uranium mine in Namibia will be postponed until market conditions improve, Areva has announced. The project will enter a care and maintenance program at the end of 2012, which would allow it to be restarted at a later date.

Unit 1 containment vessel investigated

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11 October 2012

Fukushima Daiichi 1 - inside PCV 48An investigation is underway into the internal conditions of the primary containment vessel of the reactor at unit 1 at the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. Tokyo Electric Power Company said that the water level in the vessel has been found to be higher than previously estimated.

New reactors still in Chugoku's plans

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09 October 2012

Chugoku Electric Power Co requested an extension to its licence for carrying out groundwork at the site of its planned Kaminoseki nuclear power plant in Yamaguchi prefecture. Although rejected, the move suggests the company still hopes to move forward with the project, despite the Japanese government recently saying that no new nuclear power plant construction projects would be approved.

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