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Kudankulam 1 cleared for criticality

Located in: New Nuclear

12 July 2013

UPDATED The two-year delay in commissioning India's new reactors at Kudankulam may soon be over now that operators have been authorised to 'approach first criticality' at unit 1.

Arabelle for future China AP1000s

Located in: Corporate

11 July 2013

Alstom turbine rotor (Alstom)_48French engineering company Alstom and China's Dongfang Electric Company (DEC) have signed a cooperation agreement on the supply of turbine and generator packages for future Chinese AP1000 projects.

Fessenheim 1 reinforcements complete

Located in: Regulation and Safety

09 July 2013

Fessenheim 1 reinforcement (EDF)_48A project to upgrade the concrete basemat under EDF's Fessenheim 1 has been completed, allowing France's oldest operating reactor to continue producing electricity.

Ten Japanese units go for restart

Located in: Regulation and Safety

08 July 2013

Four Japanese utilities have applied to the country's nuclear regulators for permission to restart ten of the country's 48 non-operating nuclear reactors. Tepco is not one of them.

Ohi OK as restart applicants line up

Located in: Regulation and Safety

02 July 2013

Ohi 66x48Japan's only currently operating nuclear units, Ohi 3 and 4, look set to continue running until September after a ruling from regulators in the light of new standards. Meanwhile, Tepco is to file for permission to restart two units at Kashiwazaki Kariwa.

Fukushima waste incinerator takes shape

Located in: Waste and Recycling

01 July 2013

Fukushima solid waste plant 48Construction of an incinerator is underway at the Fukushima Daiichi plant to burn the low-level waste being generated from the clean-up and decommissioning of the site.

Japan receives MOX shipment

Located in: Waste and Recycling

27 June 2013

MOX shipment arrives in Japan - June 2013 - 48The first shipment of mixed oxide (MOX) fuel from Europe to Japan since the Fukushima accident in 2011 was completed today.

NRC moves on used fuel storage

Located in: Regulation and Safety

25 June 2013

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has released separate draft documents detailing the safety and environmental implications of methods for storing used fuel from nuclear reactors. Both will be open for public comment.

Growing support for nuclear France

Located in: Nuclear Policies

24 June 2013

Support for nuclear power amongst the French public is on the rise. However, although twice as many people now favour nuclear energy than oppose it, half of the population remains uncommitted.

Robots enlisted to survey Fukushima

Located in: Corporate

24 June 2013

Honda-AIST robot 48More robots are being put to work to survey the environment within the damaged reactor buildings of the Fukushima Daiichi plant and to map contamination in the surrounding lakes and rivers.

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