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Salem licence extension

Located in: Regulation and Safety

01 July 2011

Nuclear power generation at the Salem plant in New Jersey has been licensed to continue until April 2040 by US safety authorities.

Structure emerging for standard AP1000s

Located in: New Nuclear

29 June 2011

British nuclear safety authorities have lifted the 'regulatory issue' status from their questions regarding the construction methods of Westinghouse's AP1000. Meanwhile, the company wants regional versions of the power plant to be as similar as possible.

Sarkozy supports nuclear with €1 billion pledge

Located in: Nuclear Policies

28 June 2011

Sarkozy 27 June 2011 (Image: P Segrette)French President Nicolas Sarkozy has confirmed plans to invest €1 billion ($1.4 billion) in future nuclear programs including fourth generation reactor research.

Fukushima cover on its way

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27 June 2011

Fukushima Daiichi 1 coverTepco plans to complete the construction of a cover over the stricken Fukushima Daiichi unit 1 by the end of September, according to a progress report submitted to the Japanese nuclear safety agency. Meanwhile, recent analysis suggests most of the fuel in the unit's storage pool is undamaged.

More nations join European 'stress tests'

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24 June 2011

The European Commission's initiative to check the safety of nuclear power plants in extreme circumstances has grown to include 196 reactors with the participation of seven neighbouring countries.

Minister calls for restart of Japan's reactors

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23 June 2011

Kaieda at IAEA - 20 June 2011 (METI)

A shortage of electricity would be the greatest obstacle to economic recovery in Japan following the huge earthquake and tsunami in March, according to the country's industry minister. He said that this makes local permission for restarting Japan's nuclear power plants essential.

Finalised UK energy plans go before parliament

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23 June 2011

The UK's finalised Energy National Policy Statements (NPS), which set the stage for planning decisions on energy infrastructure projects including nuclear, have been formally published ready for debate in parliament.

Working conditions improve at Fukushima unit

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22 June 2011

Workers at the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant have entered the reactor building of unit 2 to assess the working environment. Ventilation of the building has led to a drop in humidity. Meanwhile, the system to decontaminate water on the site is in operation.

Vattenfall looks at German losses

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22 June 2011

The Swedish state-owned power company, Vattenfall, has announced that it expects operating profit for the second half of this year to be impacted by SEK10 billion ($1.5 billion) due to nuclear shutdowns in Germany. That country's government decided to close all nuclear reactors built in or before 1984 in the immediate aftermath of the Fukushima accident. Among these were the Brunsbüttel and Krümmel plants, of which Vattenfall owns 66.7% and 50% respectively totalling some 1187 MWe of nuclear capacity. The company said there would be no effect on cash flow in 2011, but that it had to "impair its book value" and to "increase the provisions for dismantling the plants and the handling of nuclear fuel.

Cooperation for the post-Fukushima era

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21 June 2011

International cooperation on nuclear safety will come on many fronts in response to the Fukushima accident. In September a draft action plan will be presented by the IAEA, which could include a more prominent role for industry.

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