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Action plan working for Areva

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20 December 2012

French nuclear company Areva has confirmed its targets for 2012 and 2013 and says its strategic commercial recovery plan remains on track even though it has revised overall earnings forecasts for 2013 downwards.

Rewriting the nuclear safety rulebook

Located in: Regulation and Safety

17 December 2012

Nuclear safety will be more holistic in the post-Fukushima era, as technical requirements broaden, regulators welcome more peer review and emergency planning is deepened.

Nuclear back on agenda after Japanese election

Located in: Nuclear Policies

17 December 2012

The future of Japan's planned nuclear phaseout looks less certain following a landslide victory for the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) in the first general election held since the country suspended most of its nuclear generation.

Cleaning up Fukushima City

Located in: Regulation and Safety

14 December 2012

Fukushima_City_house_48Decontamination work is accelerating in Fukushima City but a huge task remains with over 100,000 homes still to be treated.

Three Chinese reactor projects underway

Located in: New Nuclear

13 December 2012

Construction of three new Chinese reactors has started since the country's announcement in October that it would approve only a 'small number' of projects in each of the coming five years.

Germany faces multibillion-Euro grid bill

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12 December 2012

The massive expansion of Germany's electricity networks to cope with the country's transition away from nuclear to a high share of renewable energy will require investments of up to €42.5 billion ($55.4 billion) by 2030, according to a newly released study.

Hitachi robot to tackle Fukushima rubble

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11 December 2012

Hitachi_ASTACO-SoRa 48A new robot is set to join the Fukushima Daiichi cleanup effort. Hitachi's newly unveiled ASTACO-SoRa compact heavy-duty robot will start work removing rubble at the site from 2013.

UN approves radiation advice

Located in: Regulation and Safety

10 December 2012

The United Nations is to adopt advice on radiation that clarifies what can be said about its health effects on individuals and large populations. A preliminary report has also found no observable health effects from last year's nuclear accident in Fukushima.

Japan sees emissions rise

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10 December 2012

Futtsu LNG plant (Tepco)_48Increased use of fossil fuels for power generation was the main driving force behind a rise in Japanese greenhouse gas emissions for 2011, even though the country saw a fall in manufacturing output.

Nuclear and hydro the core of sustainability

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05 December 2012

The most sustainable national power systems in the world combine nuclear with hydro for mass low-carbon generation, a World Energy Council study shows.

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