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Japan learns nuclear restart requirements

Located in: Regulation and Safety

21 January 2013

Tough new rules for Japanese nuclear power plants have been revealed in draft form. Among them are that power companies should be able to contain a severe accident situation for an entire week without outside help.

Swiss to vote on new proposal for phase out

Located in: Nuclear Policies

18 January 2013

A Green-led initiative to phase out the use of nuclear energy in Switzerland by 2029 has secured enough support for a national referendum on the issue to be held. A date for the vote has yet to be announced.

Fukushima Daiichi 4 frame takes shape

Located in: Regulation and Safety

15 January 2013

Fukushima 4 frame (Tepco)_48The first layer of steel framing for a cover that will allow removal of used fuel from Fukushima Daiichi unit 4 has been completed.

Second cover assembly underway at Fukushima

Located in: Regulation and Safety

09 January 2013

The installation of steel columns next to Fukushima Daiichi unit 4 marks the start of construction on a cover that will aid in the removal of fuel. This is the second cover to get underway at the site.


New owner for EnergySolutions

Located in: Corporate

08 January 2013

Clive (EnergySolutions)_48

Private equity firm Energy Capital Partners is set to buy nuclear commercial services company EnergySolutions in a deal that values the firm at $1.1 billion.


Majority of local leaders approve Japanese restarts

Located in: Regulation and Safety

07 January 2013

Over half of the mayors of municipalities near Japan's nuclear power plants said they would approve the restart of reactors after the nuclear regulator confirms their safety, a survey has found.

Global ups and downs

Located in: Nuclear Policies

02 January 2013

Nuclear power begins 2013 with generating capacity 3667 MWe greater than a year before. The growth comes despite the retirement of Garoña and Gentilly 2 in the last week.

First concrete at Tianwan 3

Located in: New Nuclear

29 December 2012

Tianwan 3 first concrete (Rosatom) 69x48Construction of a new reactor was started this week in China. The Russian-designed model is the fourth to be inaugurated since China resumed approvals for new plants at the end of October.

MHI robot makes light work of cleanup

Located in: Corporate

20 December 2012

MEISTeR (MHI)_48Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) is the latest company to unveil a prototype robot designed to work in areas rendered inaccessible to human workers following accidents or disasters.

Action plan working for Areva

Located in: Corporate

20 December 2012

French nuclear company Areva has confirmed its targets for 2012 and 2013 and says its strategic commercial recovery plan remains on track even though it has revised overall earnings forecasts for 2013 downwards.

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