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Chinese reactor enters commercial operation

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10 April 2012

Qinshan II 4 commop 72x48Unit 4 at China's Qinshan Phase II has begun commercial operation. The announcement marks the successful conclusion of the project to add two more indigenously-designed units at the plant in Zhejiang province.

Robots roaming Robinson

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05 April 2012

710 Warrior robot (iRobot) 40x48Operation and maintenance work at the Robinson nuclear power plant will be supported by three new robots, recently purchased by plant owner Progress Energy.  


Xcel rethinks Prairie Island uprate plan

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02 April 2012

Prairie Island 61x48US utility Xcel Energy has reduced the size and delayed the schedule of a planned uprate at its Prairie Island nuclear power plant in Minnesota following a reassessment of the project's value to customers.

Early returns to Fukushima

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02 April 2012

Fukushima area changes 1 April 48x60Restrictions in sizeable parts of Fukushima's evacuation area have been relaxed, enabling some residents to visit at will and work towards a permanent return. Two towns have opened, and a third will follow in two weeks' time.

RWE, EOn pull plug on UK nuclear plans

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29 March 2012

Wylfa 69x48Following separate strategic reviews, German utilities RWE and EOn have decided not to continue with the development of new nuclear power plants in the UK through their Horizon Nuclear Power joint venture. The partners, citing the cost of Germany's nuclear phase-out as one of the reasons for their decision, said they will seek new owners for Horizon.

IAEA reports on Japan's stress tests

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28 March 2012

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has published its final report on Japan's revised nuclear safety assessment process. It found that the new Japanese measures are "generally consistent" with IAEA safety standards, but outlined several areas for improvement.

World leaders renew nuclear pledges

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27 March 2012

Barack Obama and Lee Myung Bak (White House)_48

The synergies between nuclear safety and security were highlighted at the 2012 Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul, where world leaders concluded that the right to develop and use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes must not be hampered by measures to strengthen nuclear security.

New Japanese regulatory regime as restarts approach

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26 March 2012

Kashiwazaki-Kariwa (Tepco)_48Japan has moved a step closer to restarting the first of its nuclear reactors to be kept off line for tests following the Fukushima accident. Meanwhile, details on the country's revamped nuclear regulatory regime are starting to emerge.

US opinion divided on risks of nuclear energy

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22 March 2012

The Fukushima accident in Japan has led to more Americans now believing that the risks of using nuclear energy outweigh the benefits, according to a new public opinion poll. The poll also found high support for natural gas, despite recent negative publicity about its extraction using hydraulic fracturing.

Pond investigation towards Fukushima fuel removal

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19 March 2012

Fukushima Daiichi 4 pond inspection March 2012 87x48The fuel pond of Fukushima Daiichi 4 will be inspected by an underwater robot this month as an early step in the program of work to remove the used nuclear fuel from the building.

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