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Heavy impact from post-Fukushima decision

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10 August 2011

Up to 11,000 jobs are under threat as EOn moves to meet the challenges posed by Germany's new nuclear policy. Only yesterday another utility, RWE, announced the shutdowns had so far cost it €900 million.

Japan plans cutting evacuation zone

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09 August 2011

The Japanese government is planning to allow certain residents from the area around the damaged Fukushima Daiichi plant to return to their homes. Meanwhile, the plant owner has reported a quarterly loss of ¥571.7 billion ($7.4 billion).

US reactor completion put back

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09 August 2011

Watts Bar (TVA)Watts Bar unit 2 will not enter commercial operation until 2013, the Tennessee Valley Authority has announced. The reactor had been due to enter service during 2012.

Optimism from uranium producers

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08 August 2011

Cigar LakeMid-year reports from two Canada-based uranium producers share an air of quiet optimism despite feeling the effects of events in Japan.

Study coming on Fukushima evacuation zone

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04 August 2011

Japanese authorities are to start detailed studies which could lead to a re-assessment of the evacuation measures in Fukushima prefecture.

Second high radiation reading

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03 August 2011

Another radiation hotspot has been found at the Fukushima Daiichi site - again in part of the emergency venting and filtration system.

Sellafield MOX plant to close

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03 August 2011

Sellafield MOX Plant Dry Laboratories (INS)The manufacture of mixed oxide (MOX) nuclear fuel at Sellafield is to stop "at the earliest practical opportunity" to reduce the financial risks to British taxpayers from events in Japan.

Fukushima radiation hotspot

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02 August 2011

Surveying the Standby Gas Treatment System, August 2011An area of extremely high radiation has been found at Fukushima Daiichi in a filtration system that helped to reduce emissions from the reactor accident. Meanwhile, new water treatment equipment is starting trial operation.

Temperature drops in Fukushima used fuel pool

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01 August 2011

Fukushima Daiichi 4 used fuel poolThe temperature of the water in the used fuel pool of unit 4 at the damaged Fukushima Daiichi plant has dropped significantly with the start-up of an alternative cooling system. Meanwhile construction of a supporting structure beneath the pool has been completed.

Go-ahead for UK nuclear groundwork

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29 July 2011

Illustration of Hinkley Point CA round of applications, permissions and orders has launched the UK's first new nuclear build project into a practical phase.

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