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First images from within Fukushima containment

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19 January 2012

Fukushima piping support 43Pictures from a remote examination of Fukushima Daiichi 2 have yet to bring new information on the state of the ruined reactor core.

BP sees growth in non-fossil fuel use

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19 January 2012

While global energy demand is expected to grow by almost 40% by 2030, non-fossil fuels will account for one-third of this growth, according to UK-based oil and gas giant BP. Nuclear energy will continue to play a significant role, with the Asia Pacific region seeing the greatest growth in its use.

Japan considers 60 year reactor lifespan

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18 January 2012

In a move that will bring Japan more into line with the US licensing system, the government will consider a proposal to set 40 years as the standard lifespan for the country's nuclear reactors, with a possible extension to 60 years if plants meet stringent safety criteria.

Fukushima a 'temporary blip' for UK support

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18 January 2012

Support for nuclear energy in the UK has returned to levels seen a few months prior to the Fukushima accident in Japan, a new public opinion poll indicates. A similar poll conducted in June 2011 had shown a significant drop in support following the accident.

Japanese reactors await restart approvals

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16 January 2012

While reviews of initial stress test results for Japanese reactors are progressing, it could still be several months before the first restart approval comes. The shutdown of unit 2 of the Ikata nuclear power plant for a periodic inspection means that only five of the country's 54 power reactors are now in operation.

Stuttgart court upholds nuclear fuel tax

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16 January 2012

After two legal rejections Germany's nuclear fuel tax has been supported by a regional court in the latest episode of a complex legal battle that looks set to continue for years.

Post-Fukushima era begins for France

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04 January 2012

EDF's fleet of 58 reactors needs upgrades 'as quickly as possible' to be sufficiently robust in extreme situations, said France's nuclear safety regulator.

Nuclear numbers down despite connections

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03 January 2012

Control room at Ling Ao II-2 (Image: CGNPC)Six new nuclear power reactors were connected to the world's electricity grids in 2011, adding over 4000 MWe of generation capacity. Thirteen units were closed permanently, all but one as a direct result of the accident at Fukushima Daiichi.

Fault lines in Japanese nuclear regime

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30 December 2011

The Japanese government's response as the Fukushima nuclear accident developed saw flawed organisation and communication, while the site was inadequately prepared and operators made mistakes.

Fukushima units enter decommissioning phase

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21 December 2011

Fukushima debris removal (Tepco)A roadmap setting out the mid- to long-term activities needed for the decommissioning of the damaged Fukushima Daiichi reactors has been released. The plan envisages decommissioning activities being completed within 30 to 40 years.

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