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Cabinet clears way for Kudankulam

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19 March 2012

Jayalalithaa (Govt of Tamil Nadu)_48India is looking towards the commissioning of two Russian-designed reactors at Kudankulam after the cabinet of Tamil Nadu gave its go-ahead.

Longer life in theory for Ikata 2

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16 March 2012

Amid controversy on the future of nuclear power in Japan, and while many reactors await permission to restart from inspection, authorities have nevertheless approved ten more years of operation for Ikata 2.

Fukushima water treatment stepping up

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15 March 2012

Fukushima Daiichi absorption tower storage December 2012 74x48Treatment of Fukushima Daiichi's huge inventories of radioactive water is being provided by a range of private companies in an operation of unprecendented scale, which is increasing still further. Over 250,000 cubic metres of water have been processed so far, reducing original radioactivity by 88%.

EOn's one year on

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14 March 2012

EOn's annual report has made clear some of the impacts, financial and environmental, of Germany's reaction to the Fukushima accident. The utility recorded a €1.5 billion ($1.9 billion) one-off cost for the overnight closure of its Unterweser, Isar 1, Krummel, and Brunsbuttel nuclear power reactors, which also directly resulted in it producing almost 12 billion kWh less than in 2010.

Optimism from industry on Fukushima anniversary

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09 March 2012

Angra 3 construction late 2011 (Eletronuclear) 72x48Industry leaders remain bullish on nuclear power's prospects in coming decades, in part because of the high priority that has been placed on identifying and addressing potential weaknesses such as were revealed last year at Fukushima Daiichi.

Court ruling threatens extended Mühleberg operation

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08 March 2012

Muehleberg 48.jpgA Swiss court has ruled that the Mühleberg nuclear power plant can only operate until mid-2013 in an extraordinary move that overturns a 2009 decision by the environment ministry to issue an unlimited-duration operating licence.

More groundwork at Braka

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08 March 2012

Braka_site_2010_(FANR)_48The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation has received the go-ahead for additional civil works at the site of the first nuclear power plant to be built in the United Arab Emirates.

One year on: Steady progress at Fukushima

Located in: Regulation and Safety

07 March 2012

Visual inspection of the main steam isolation valve at Fukushima_Daiichi unit 4 (Tepco) 76x48A year after suffering the tsunami inundation that led to an unprecedented triple meltdown, stabilisation and restoration work continues across the entire Fukushima Daiichi power plant site. 

Utility hit by upheaval in nuclear policy

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06 March 2012

Biblis (Areva) 48x48Germany's abrupt change in nuclear policy has put a dent of €1.3 billion ($1.7 billion) in RWE's results for FY2011. It also boosted power prices and raised carbon dioxide emissions, the company said in its annual report to shareholders.

Nuclear and wind to partner for Mexico

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02 March 2012

Jordy Herrera, March 2011 85x48Mexico has announced energy goals for 2026 that would see a combination of nuclear and wind power make up 23% of electricity. At the same time it wants to connect the entire population to the grid, decrease transmission losses and develop abundant shale gas reserves. 

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