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Jaczko probe concludes

Located in: Regulation and Safety

27 June 2012

Gregory Jaczko did not exceed his authority as chairman of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission during the Fukushima crisis, although he intimidated staff and gave 'inconsistent' evidence to a Congressional hearing, an investigation has concluded.

Apec recognition for nuclear role

Located in: Energy and Environment

26 June 2012

Apec ministers (Apec)_48Asia-Pacific countries must work together to ensure that nuclear power can continue its important role in the region's energy mix despite the experiences of Fukushima, according to a declaration from energy ministers.

British businesses remain hungry for nuclear

Located in: Nuclear Policies

25 June 2012

The appetite of UK business leaders for new nuclear generating capacity has not diminished, despite the Fukushima accident, a poll conducted by the Institute of Directors (IoD) of its members shows. The IoD has published a report calling nuclear energy a "clean, cheap and safe" way of generating electricity.

Further protection for Fukushima fuel pool

Located in: Regulation and Safety

22 June 2012

Fukushima Daiichi unit 4 fuel pool cover 48A new cover has been installed over the used fuel pool of unit 4 at the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. The cover will provide additional protection from the weather and prevent debris from the roof of the reactor building falling into the pool.

NRC reactor licensing decisions challenged

Located in: Regulation and Safety

20 June 2012

Pilgrim 73x48The attorney general of the state of Massachusetts has filed an appeal with a US court against the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's (NRC's) decision to relicense the Pilgrim nuclear power plant. Meanwhile, environmental groups are calling on the NRC to delay final reactor licensing decisions until it has studied the environmental impacts of its policy for on-site used fuel storage.

Ohi reactors cleared for restart

Located in: Regulation and Safety

18 June 2012

Permission to restart the first two of Japan's idled fleet of nuclear power reactors has been given by the prime minister following approvals from local municipal and prefectural authorities. Units 3 and 4 of the Ohi plant are both expected to be back at full power by the end of next month.

EU nuclear security on track

Located in: Regulation and Safety

14 June 2012

A review of nuclear security across the European Union (EU) has identified an extensive set of good practices and has urged member states to continue to work on nuclear security and cooperation both within the EU and further afield.

Latest Chinese nuclear milestone

Located in: New Nuclear

13 June 2012

Yangjiang 3 dome lifting 48Yangjiang 3 is the latest Chinese nuclear power reactor to see the emplacement of its containment dome. Construction projects already underway should see China bring online some 27 new reactors by the end of 2015 - in addition to the 15 units currently in operation.

Fukushima evacuees failed by information flow

Located in: Regulation and Safety

12 June 2012

Fukushima evacuees (VOA/S Herman)_48Breakdowns in communication caused extra confusion and contributed to the distress of residents evacuated from their homes following the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident, a survey carried out for the Japanese Diet has revealed.

Visitors' centre in the city

Located in: Corporate

12 June 2012

Chan Siu Hung opens CLP knowledge centre (CLP) 79x48Residents of Hong Kong can now visit a nuclear energy 'knowledge centre' provided by the utility China Light and Power (CLP). It is one element in an overall education and readiness campaign inspired by public reaction to the Fukushima accident.

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