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Global nuclear safety meeting under way

Located in: Regulation and Safety

28 March 2017

Amano_Jammal_CNS_2017_(Calma-IAEA)-48Significant progress has been made in strengthening nuclear safety across the world, and the need to maintain a robust nuclear safety culture is now universally recognised, delegates to the Seventh Review Meeting of the Contracting Parties to the Convention on Nuclear Safety were told yesterday. The meeting is taking place at the Vienna headquarters of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Survey under way of Fukushima Daiichi 1 vessel

Located in: Regulation and Safety

20 March 2017

Fukushima Daiichi 1 PCV robot survey - 48A robot has entered into the primary containment vessel of the damaged unit 1 of the Fukushima Daiichi plant and provided Tokyo Electric Power Company with radiation and temperature measurements within it. The company hopes the data, together with video footage, will enable it to locate the molten fuel in the unit.

Fourth Yangjiang unit enters commercial operation

Located in: New Nuclear

16 March 2017

Yangjiang 4 control room - 48Unit 4 of the Yangjiang nuclear power plant in China's Guangdong province has completed commissioning tests and now meets the conditions for entering commercial operation, China General Nuclear announced yesterday.

Robotic surveys resume at Fukushima Daiichi 1

Located in: Regulation and Safety

10 March 2017

PMORPH robot - 48Tokyo Electric Power Company is preparing to insert a Hitachi-developed robot into the primary containment vessel of the damaged unit 1 of the Fukushima Daiichi plant. Last month, a Toshiba-developed robot was used to survey the vessel of unit 2.

Japanese fuel plant meets revised safety standards

Located in: Regulation and Safety

08 March 2017

Global Nuclear Fuel-Japan's fuel fabrication plant in Yokosuka in Kanagawa Prefecture meets new regulatory standards, the country's nuclear regulator has concluded. It becomes the first fuel cycle facility to be confirmed to meet the revised safety standards, introduced in December 2013.

Rosatom chief outlines commercial vision

Located in: Corporate

08 March 2017

Alexey Likhachov - 48Russia's Rosatom aims to become one of the three most successful global technology companies by the beginning of the 2040s, transformed from the state-backed nuclear power corporation it is today, according to its new director-general. "I know some will be sceptical about this, as if it's a fantasy, but I believe it's possible," Alexey Likhachov said in an interview for the company's weekly newspaper Strana Rosatom.

Amano highlights IAEA efforts to bolster safety

Located in: Nuclear Policies

07 March 2017

Amano - March 2017 board meeting - 48The International Atomic Energy Agency will look to strengthen its activities to bolster nuclear safety around the world, the agency's director-general Yukiya Amano told its board of governors yesterday. He also informed the board of progress in the IAEA's other work.

First VVER-1200 reactor enters commercial operation

Located in: New Nuclear

02 March 2017

Novovoronezh-II unit 1 - 48Russia has announced the start of commercial operation of its first VVER-1200 reactor, unit 1 of the Novovoronezh II nuclear power plant.

Restructuring allows Paladin to grow, says CEO

Located in: Uranium and Fuel

21 February 2017

Langer_Heinrich_night_(Paladin)-48A restructuring of Paladin Energy's balance sheet, announced in January, will position the Australia-based uranium company to increase production rather than service its debt in response to a 'normalising' uranium market, its CEO said yesterday.

Robot surveys Fukushima Daiichi containment vessel

Located in: Regulation and Safety

17 February 2017

Scorpion robot for FD 2 PCV - 48Tokyo Electric Power Company yesterday sent a robot into the primary containment vessel of the damaged unit 2 at the Fukushima Daiichi plant in Japan. Although the robot was unable to reach the part of the vessel directly under the reactor pressure vessel, the company said the information it gathered will help it determine how to decommission the unit.

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