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Rosatom targets growth

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03 June 2014

Medvedev and Kiriyenko, June 2014 82x48Russia should start up three new reactors this year at home, and another in India, said Rosatom in an official meeting with prime minister Dmitry Medvedev. The company said its order book for the next ten years is approaching $100 billion.

Investigation into Kudankulam spillage

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23 May 2014

Kudankulam 69x48Six workers were injured by a hot water spillage in the turbine hall of India's Kudankulam 1 during a recent maintenance outage. The regulator attributed the incident on procedural errors rather than faulty equipment.

Steady state for nuclear in 2013

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07 January 2014

Ostrovets first concrete 48The number of operational nuclear reactors remained unchanged in 2013, with four joining the world's grids and four closing permanently. Overall nuclear generating capacity showed a slight growth.

Grid connection for Kudankulam unit

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22 October 2013

Kudankulam 1 and 2 48The first unit of the Kudankulam nuclear power plant in India's southern state of Tamil Nadu was connected to the electricity grid today. It becomes India's 21st operating power reactor.

Nuclear essential for India's economic growth

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14 August 2013

Kudankulam 69x48Nuclear energy must be a significant part of the mix if India is to grow electricity supply by 625% to meet development goals, former chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission Anil Kakodkar told students at a graduation ceremony.

Kudankulam 1 cleared for criticality

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12 July 2013

UPDATED The two-year delay in commissioning India's new reactors at Kudankulam may soon be over now that operators have been authorised to 'approach first criticality' at unit 1.

Kundankulam's public interest ruling

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07 May 2013

Kudankulam 69x48A panel of two judges at India's Supreme Court has concluded that the Kudankulam nuclear power plant is vital for the country's economic growth and dismissed widespread public apprehension at the project as having 'no basis'.

Kudankulam valve replacement

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24 April 2013

Kudankulam 69x48Commissioning work has been delayed at unit 1 of India's new Kudankulam nuclear power plant with the replacement of four valves in the passive core cooling system.

Indian protest movement spreads

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03 January 2013

Jaitapur demonstration, 3 January 2013 (Altaf Bhatkar) 69x48

Mass public unease at nuclear power development has emerged at Jaitapaur. Thousands of protestors were held by police today as they attempted to surround the site of six planned reactors.


Indian protestor killed in clash with police

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11 September 2012

A man was killed by police during a march on the Kudankulam nuclear power plant in India on 9 September in the second death connected to a protest movement said to be agitated by foreign activists.

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