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Russia and India strengthen cooperation

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21 December 2010

Medvedev-Singh December 2010India and Russia have signed to expand scientific and technical cooperation in the peaceful uses of atomic energy. It was one of 30 bilateral documents signed in New Delhi during a two-day visit to India by Russian president Dmitry Medvedev.

First criticality for fourth Kaiga unit

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29 November 2010

Kaiga 4 first criticalityWith unit 4 of the Kaiga nuclear power plant in Karnataka state reaching first criticality on 27 November, India now has 20 nuclear power reactors in operation. Environmental approval for the construction of a new six-unit plant in Maharastra state has also been given.

First concrete for Kakrapar 3 and 4

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22 November 2010

India's first pair of indigenously designed 700 MWe pressurised heavy water reactors are now officially under construction with the first pour of concrete at Kakrapar 3 and 4.

Contract for Indian reactor components

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26 May 2010

Hindustan Construction Company (HCC) will undertake main plant civil works of units 7 and 8 of the Rajasthan Atomic Power Project (RAPP) after a Rs8880 million ($188 million) contract by Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd.

Dummy fuel for Kudankulam

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26 April 2010

Kudankulam (ASE)The first of India's Russian-designed nuclear power reactors has taken a step closer to start-up with the loading of dummy fuel assemblies into the core of Kudankulam 1.

Nuclear 'roadmap' in latest Russia-India accords

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15 March 2010

Putin and Singh (Image: Prime Minister's Office)New agreements between Russia and India cover cooperation in nuclear power and a roadmap for this year's work by the two countries. Meanwhile, the Indian government has deferred a bill that could be vital to opening nuclear trade with the USA.

Stronger nuclear bonds for India and Russia

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08 December 2009

Singh and Medvedev (Presidential Press and Information Office)Further international cooperation was agreed yesterday towards another four Russian reactors at Kudankulam, India as well as more at a new site, Haripur in West Bengal.

Indian joint venture for nuclear components

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30 November 2009

NPCIL-LandTIndia will have a world-class heavy forging facility for future nuclear power plants after a joint venture by Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd and Larsen & Toubro.

First criticality for Rajasthan reactor

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24 November 2009

The new fifth nuclear reactor at India's Rajasthan Atomic Power Project (RAPP) has reached first criticality, bringing the total number operating in the country to 18.

Indian law change essential for nuclear growth

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12 November 2009

Kudankulam (ASE)The Indian government must allow private investment in nuclear generation as a matter of urgency, according to the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry. Meanwhile, Russia looks set to sign contracts to build two new units in India.

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