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Larsen, ASE to cooperate on VVER units

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15 April 2009

Kudankulam (ASE)Indian engineering company Larsen & Toubro (L&T) has signed a memorandum of understanding with Russia's AtomStroyExport (ASE) for cooperation on Russian-designed VVER 1000 nuclear power reactors.

Russian industry celebrates at home and away

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14 April 2009

Rajasthan NPP (Image: NFC)Russian nuclear fuel cycle companies have been celebrating achievements in the domestic and international sphere with the delivery of the first uranium pellets to India under a new contract and the completion of a new sulphuric acid plant.

Money no object for Indian reactor plans

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25 March 2009

Plans to deploy new reactors in India look strong after key officials indicated the funds required were forthcoming. Fifteen finance institutions responded to a recent request.

TVEL set to ship fuel pellets to India

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23 March 2009

India's Nuclear Fuel Complex has signed a protocol of acceptance with TVEL for the first 30 tonnes of uranium dioxide pellets to fuel Indian nuclear power reactors.

Russia signs fuel supply contract with India

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11 February 2009

Tarapur (NPCIL)Russian nuclear fuel producer TVEL and India's Department of Atomic Energy have signed long-term contracts worth more than $700 million for the supply of nuclear fuel to India's nuclear power plants.

India signs its safeguards agreement

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03 February 2009

ElBaradei and Kumar 02 02 09

The nuclear safeguards agreement between India and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) was signed in Vienna yesterday.

Russia and India ready to trade

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05 December 2008

Medvedev and Singh (Presidential Press and Information Office)Trade in nuclear power products and services has begun between India and Russia after the completion of a cooperation agreement. The first deal was to supply uranium fuel to the struggling Tarapur power plant.

India outlines nuclear power ambitions

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02 December 2008

India has reaffirmed its commitment to thorium fuel cycle, proposing to construct a dozen indigenously-developed nuclear power reactors. These units will be supplemented by imported conventional reactors.

US trade mission targets Indian market

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25 November 2008

Following the signing of the US-India nuclear trade agreement, a trade mission of US commercial nuclear industry executives will visit India next month touting for business. A delegation of Japanese nuclear industry officials is currently in India.

Excitement builds in India

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22 September 2008

Kudankulam (ASE)Indian power companies eager to invest in nuclear are engaged in increasingly serious talks. Industry groups expect over $26 billion in business over the next 15 years and a group of 40 companies is lobbying government for the opportunity to buy.

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