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Vogtle takes delivery of first coolant pump

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19 April 2016

Vogtle-3_panels_(Georgia_Power)-48The first reactor coolant pump to be delivered for an AP1000 plant in the USA has arrived at Georgia Power's Vogtle project.

Multiple milestones for Vogtle 3 and 4

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29 March 2016

Vogtle_4_condenser_shell_March_16_(Georgia)_48The Vogtle 3 and 4 construction project has achieved multiple milestones over the past month and is now more than 60% complete, Georgia Power announced.

Modular milestone for Vogtle 3 shield building

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08 March 2016

Vogtle_3_CA20_concrete_0316_(GeorgiaPwr)-48The placement of concrete to fill the walls of the CA20 module at the Vogtle 3 nuclear construction project in Georgia has been completed, a key milestone for the vertical construction of the shield building.

Vogtle 3 shield building takes shape

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20 August 2015

Vogtle 3 building panel installation 48The installation of shield building panels has begun at the first AP1000 unit under construction at the Vogtle plant in Georgia, USA. The shield building encases the unit's containment vessel.

Major lift for Vogtle 3

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11 August 2015

Vogtle_3_CA01_lift_(Georgia_Power)_48US nuclear construction at Vogtle has reached another milestone with the lifting of Vogtle 3's CA01 module into place.

Major module installed at Summer 3

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08 July 2015

Summer 3 reactor vessel cavity installation 48The module that will house the reactor pressure vessel of the second AP1000 unit under construction at the VC Summer site in South Carolina has been installed. Meanwhile, the reactor vessel itself has been delivered to the site.

Regulatory filing tracks Summer progress

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18 May 2015

Summer_2_steam_generator_Jan_15_(SCE&G)_48South Carolina Electricity & Gas (SCE&G) expects a further 52-day delay to the 'substantial completion' date for VC Summer unit 2, although unit 3 looks to be slightly ahead of schedule according to its latest regulatory filing.

Summer ownership decided

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28 January 2014

Summer 3 concrete (SCE&G)_48South Carolina Electricity and Gas (SCE&G) is to increase its ownership of two nuclear units under construction at VC Summer in South Carolina. Duke Energy has said that it is no longer looking to acquire a stake in the project.

Carolinas appreciate nuclear's true worth

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21 November 2013

Summer 3 first concrete 48The total economic impact of the nuclear industry in North and South Carolina has been estimated to exceed at least $20 billion per year in a detailed study carried out by a team at Clemson University.

Second Summer AP1000 under construction

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06 November 2013

Summer 3 first concrete 48Safety-related concrete has been poured for the basemat of the second AP1000 unit at the VC Summer plant in South Carolina. It comes seven months after the same milestone for the first unit there.

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